Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Clarification requested of the President of FEI Driving

The clock is ticking...
I have asked the President of the FEI Driving to answer or clarify the following:
1 – The Rules have not changed, so I am confused why five individual driving competitors were allowed at Normandy in 2014 (and many previous WEG’s) and not this year?
2 – It has been suggested the contracts signed by the OC had an omission regarding the option of individual competitors. Perhaps special consideration needs to be given since they were signed late in the process (due to Canada backing out) and this may have been an oversight. Contracts can be corrected and/or amended should the FEI and OC agree.
Currently it appears there are 18 drivers to compete at WEG – the lowest count ever! Discretion has been used so many times in the past – it is really needed now!

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